Avanti Grouts AV248 5gal Kit


AV-248 Flexseal is a moisture activated, MDI-based polyurethane resin whose chemical reaction is catalyzed by mixing AV-249 Flexseal AC with AV-248. Injected as a single component, AV-248 is designed to seal active and potential water leaks in various cracks and annular space where flexibility is needed, but is susceptible to wet/dry cycles. AV-248 cures resilient, impermeable, and flexible. AV-249 Flexseal AC is the catalyst designed exclusively for use with AV-248 Flexseal. Typically, one container of AV-249 is used per 5-gallon container of AV-248. Depending on the desired reaction time, AV-249 may be doubled.

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