Conproco:Shield MX 1gal


Conproco Shield MX 1gal

Clear, penetrating water repellent for concrete and masonry. Unaffected by microbiological activity.

Where to use:

Vertical and horizontal concrete, concrete block, concrete pavers, natural stone, stucco, and brick.

How to apply:

Spray, roller, or brush applied, penetrating aqueous silane/siloxane water repellent.Minimize Information

Performance Characteristics

  • Maximum protection Passes ASTM E514. 100% no leakage. 94% reduction in water absorption.
  • Long term protection Advanced silicone technology.
  • Environmental protection Mitigates carbonation. Effective chloride ion screen. UV stable. Unaffected by microbiological activity.
  • Breathability Water vapor permeable.
  • Clear result Will not darken or alter light reflection of substrate when properly applied to a dry and untreated surface.
  • Cold weather application Apply to 40°F or above. With 1-hour cure will tolerate sub-freezing temperatures with no effect. Substrate should be frost-free.
  • Increases durability Repels water from penetrating substrate. Most damage to concrete, masonry and stone is due to water entry.
  • Environmentally friendly Water-based technology, low odor, easy handling and clean up.
  • VOC compliant Meets all current VOC emission standards for waterproofing, concrete/masonry sealer.

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