Williams Products 1.5′ Wide Joint Seal 6ft


1.5 inch Wide Joint Seal 6ft

Everlastic® Wide Joint Seal

The Everlastic wide joint seal is a moisture cured concave strip of silicone sealant adhered to a rectangular strip of polyesther polyurethane backer. The product is designed for sealing vertical and horizontal expansion joints that measure 1-1/2” or greater.


  • Long-lasting life due to not being affected by ozone or ultraviolet rays. Has excellent stability in regards to movement capability and modules.
  • Movement capability of plus or minus 50%.
  • Aesthetics allow for larger joint design, which in return reduces stress on the bond line. This increases the chances of a successful sealant installation.
  • Primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates, including masonry and concrete. No staining.
  • Easy to install. No anchoring systems, mechanical fasteners, cutting of substrates or waiting for expansion to accrue.
  • Caulking the reveals on each of the cured sealants makes it necessary to fill to full depth – – no “cheating” on the amount of sealant placed.
  • Placed on the joint, not over as a bandage.

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