With over 80 years in the industry, Prosoco is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing of specialty construction products. With products that are specifically designed to clean, maintain, and protect concrete, alongside a range of other manufactured items that can make buildings air and watertight, they are the go-to brand for many in the construction industry.

As the products at Prosoco have evolved, so too have our operations here at Specialty Sealants. We strive to be the best at what we do, and that is why we continue to diversity when selling the best joint sealants, water repellents, restoral materials, and masonry cleaning chemicals on the market. The right products are the key to success for those in the construction business, so as the Prosoco line expands, so too do the products that we sell.

Take a look at the top-selling Prosoco products here, and get in touch with us if you would like to know more about any of them. You won’t be disappointed by any of the items we have listed.

Air And Water Barriers

Air and water barrier products are essential when providing structures with weather protection. The products sold at Prosoco are chemically designed to protect buildings against wind and water damage, and this improves both their longevity and the comfort of the occupants living or working within.

These are some of the top sellers.


Prosoco’s FastFlash is a waterproofing, adhesive, and detailing compound that is easy to gun, roller-apply, and spread. It fills joints and seams in rough openings, seals around penetrations, and helps to counter-flash air-barrier and waterproofing components in new or existing wall assemblies. The product can be used independently or with other compatible products when sealing gaps to prevent unwanted water and air movement through building envelopes.


  • Waterproofs rough openings on retrofits and new buildings
  • Can be applied to anything that is prone to getting wet
  • Produces a tight and durable weather seal
  • Is compatible with most other sealants
  • Available in roller-grade and gun-grade versions
  • Resilient when exposed to the weather during construction

R-Guard Joint and Seam Filler

The Prosoco Joint and Seam Filler is designed to prepare open joints and to fill in cracks between seams when using FastFlash and other compatible products. It also provides continuous support of waterproofing and air barrier components.

Suitable for all climates and weather conditions, the Joint and Seam Filler bonds directly to damp or dry surfaces on most building materials, including masonry, stone, glass, and architectural metals. It handily reduces surface preparation time as it eliminates the need for reinforcing tapes on inside and outside corners and at sheathing joints.


  • Combines the best of polyurethane and silicone properties
  • Bonds and cures in wet weather when used on damp substrates
  • Tolerates rain after application
  • Superior long-term adhesion, crack filling, and weather characteristics
  • Easy to gun, spread, and tool.
  • Can be used to fill voids or repair cracks after the application of a primary R Guard air barrier.


The R-Guard AirDam is a gun-grade air and waterproofing sealant that helps prevent unwanted water and air movement through cracks surrounding windows and doors. It creates a long-lasting weather-tight seal, preventing moist outside air from getting in and conditioned indoor air escaping around the window and door assemblies. This single-component, silyl terminated polymer can be applied in all weather conditions, including those that are unfavorable, and it can be used with all types of door and window material.

Easily applied with caulking tools, the Air Dam can be recommended for both interior and exterior use. It cures quickly to produce a highly durable elastomeric sealant and it can accelerate the drying of new buildings. Once properly applied, it significantly reduces a building’s cooling and heating costs and adds to the structure’s energy efficiency.


  • Bonds to most interior and exterior building materials without priming
  • Compatible with most air barrier and waterproofing components, and with most sealants
  • The single-component formulation requires no mixing, so can save time on site
  • Easy to gun and tool in all weather conditions
  • Creates a long-lasting, weathertight seal
  • Effective on all window and door frame materials

Restoration Cleaners

Prosoco’s advanced cleaning products can safely clean the dirtiest of building exteriors and interior fixtures, no matter the type of building material involved. Their products include limestone, marble, and masonry cleaners, and come in both heavy and light duty varieties. They are suitable for use in construction and in the home.

The following rank among some of our top sellers.

2010 All-Surface Cleaner

The Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner is a ‘next-generation’ product that is suitable for cleaning and degreasing all manner of surfaces, including light-to-heavily soiled stone, concrete, tile, and masonry. It is powerful enough for industrial use, so can be used on most plant and warehouse surfaces, including concrete and metal. It is also suitable for those needing a flexible cleaning agent in the home. As it is dilutable, it can be used on windows, bathroom tiles and fixtures, kitchen countertops, and a variety of other surfaces.


  • Concentrated for tough industrial cleaning on metal, concrete, and other warehouse and plant surfaces
  • Dilutable for cleaning jobs around the home when cleaning kitchen, bathroom, and other surfaces
  • Contains no solvents, caustics, or harsh acids
  • Replaces the need for individual cleaning agents
  • Easy to use
  • Can deal with the harshest of stains

Asphalt and Tar Remover

Prosoco’s Asphalt and Tar Remover is a multi-purpose solvent cleaner that works wonderfully on concrete and masonry. It is ideal for all cleaning and surface preparation, with no risk of damage to the concrete or masonry when applied. The product is specially formulated to remove the stains associated with asphalt, tar, grease, motor oil, and hydraulic oil. It can also remove the caulking stains that are common on a lot of construction projects, as well as sealers and protective treatments, such as acrylic, chlorinated rubbers sealers, and old curing compounds. Its versatility means it can also spot clean chewing gum, crayon, and lipstick stains, so it can be recommended for a wide variety of situations.


  • Easy to apply
  • Removes deposits of tar, roofing asphalt, caulking stains, and other stains found on construction projects
  • Excellent for spot cleaning chewing gum, lipstick, and other common stains

Light Duty Concrete Cleaner

The Sure Klean® Light Duty Concrete Cleaner is a general-purpose, non-etching acidic cleaner that can remove mud, mortar smears, rust, atmospheric dirt, and other stains, without altering the surface texture. It can remove construction and atmospheric staining from a variety of substrates, including custom masonry, concrete brick, manufactured stone, smooth architectural and engineered concrete, and decorative pavers. The Light Duty Concrete Cleaner can also improve color uniformity and enhance appearance, adding more depth to colors and brightening stonework.


  • Effective on multiple substrates, including masonry and concrete brick
  • Removes common construction stains, efflorescence stains on brick and decorative pavers, and atmospheric dirt
  • Can improve color uniformity
  • Removes localized rust and metallic staining on marble, travertine, and unpolished limestone
  • Contains no muriatic acid

800 Stone Remover

The Sure Klean® 800 Stain Remover can effectively remove the green vanadium stains that are commonly found in buff or white brick. It can also remove acid burns, straw stains, and other metallic discolorations from most masonry surfaces. Available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon sizes, this is a powerful water-rinsable product that can deal with the toughest of stains.



  • Can quickly and easily remove tough metallic stains
  • Recommended for surfaces that contain colored mortar


Limestone Restorer

The Sure Klean® Limestone Restorer is a concentrated acidic cleaner that is primarily used on unpolished limestone, cast stone, and concrete surfaces. It is also effective on granite, marble, sandstone, and slate surfaces, and is ideal for any surface that is light or moderately soiled. The product is easy to use and is much safer to use than acidic or abrasive cleaning systems as it contains no hydrofluoric acid.

Users can be guaranteed the safe removal of mildew, atmospheric dirt, and other surface stains without any risk of bleaching or discoloration. The product comes highly recommended for those seeking to restore the beauty of their tarnished surfaces and is most effective when combined with power washing.



  • Safer than more conventional cleaning solutions
  • Ideal for surfaces that have been light to moderately soiled
  • Won’t damage window glass
  • A one-step cleaner that is easy to use
  • Free of hydrofluoric acid
  • No risk of bleaching or discoloration

600 Detergent

The 600 Detergent is a general-purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner that quickly dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt, with no acid burning or streaking. It is the number one selling proprietary cleaner for new masonry and this is partly because it is safer to use than those competing products that contain muriatic acid.

The product has been recommended by many tile, brick, and mortar manufacturers, and this is because of its effectiveness through years of use. It is ideal for removing efflorescence on bricks, new concrete, and new stone construction, and it is fast and easy to apply.


  • Ideal for brick, tile, and concrete surfaces
  • Excellent on larger masonry surfaces thanks to its special wetting agents
  • No acid burning or streaking
  • Proven to be effective through years of use


Paint Removers

Paint removers (or paint strippers) are expertly designed to remove layers of paint, varnishing’s, and other coatings, while also cleaning the underlying surface. Prosoco provides a range of multi-surface paint removers that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The following are some of the top sellers.


Graffiti Remover

Is there anything more frustrating than finding graffiti on your concrete surfaces? While it can sometimes be perceived as ‘art,’ it is not something you want to see on your home or construction exteriors. To protect your investment, Prosoco’s Graffiti Remover can be recommended. It can remove a variety of graffiti media, including that created by magic markers and spray paints, and can be used on most smooth masonry, concrete block, wood, and metal surfaces.

The product is easy to use and is effective at removing all kinds of graffiti. For best results, it is recommended that masonry surfaces are protected with the appropriate Prosoco anti-graffiti product. The Graffiti Remover contains no prohibited halogenated solvents and it is compliant with all national, state, and district AIM VOC regulations.


  • Removes graffiti from a variety of exterior and interior surfaces
  • Legally compliant
  • Contains readily biodegradable materials
  • Doesn’t remove Graffiti Control protective treatments



Enviro Klean® SafStrip can remove most paints and clear coats from concrete, masonry, metal, and wood-based surfaces, and contains no hazardous methylene chloride or methanol. It is also very effective on marker pens, spray paints, and lacquers. Thankfully low-odor, this gel-based product can easily break the bond of a variety of high-strength paints and coatings, including alkyds, acrylics, and clear sealers. Because of the thixotropic gel consistency, SafStrip is easy to apply and it’s spill-resistant. After cleaning, the spent paint strippers can easily be rinsed off with either cold or hot water.

A similar product by Prosoco is SafStrip 8. This is a neutral-pH stripping compound for most hard surfaces, including masonry, concrete, wood, and metal.


  • Quickly removes paints and clear coats without the use of methylene chloride or methanol
  • The gel consistency makes SafStrip easy to apply and spill-resistant
  • No surface neutralization required
  • Can be rinsed easily with hot or cold water


Fast Acting Stripper

The Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper is a thixotropic stripping compound designed for removing epoxies, polyurethanes, floor enamels, and other coatings from wood, masonry, and metal surfaces. Its tough formula can also remove most spray paints, marking pens, and lacquers. The Fast-Acting Stripper immediately emulsifies in water and it can be rinsed with cold water, hot water, or steam.


  • Effectively removes yellow sealers and a wide range of paint coatings
  • Can remove the toughest coatings, including epoxy, polyurethanes, and other high strength coatings
  • Excellent for removing built-up coatings from concrete decks
  • The thixotropic consistency ensures a safer application and less spillage
  • No surface neutralization required


Other Top Selling Prosoco Products

Prosoco manufactures a wide range of other products that can be used in construction and in the home. For an extensive look at the products we have available, browse our product pages for descriptions of each. However, to give you an idea of some of our other Prosoco top sellers, check out the following products.

Gloss ‘N’ Guard

Stand Off® Gloss ‘N Guard is a highly durable protective coating suitable for tile, terrazzo, pavers, and other types of polished and unpolished masonry. After use, it will dry to a high-gloss finish to enhance the beauty of your naturally treated surfaces. The fact that it can also simplify maintenance cleaning is another selling point. Being suitable for interior and exterior use, it can be used throughout your home or build project and is especially useful for areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.


  • Enhances the natural look of your masonry
  • Protects your surfaces from dirt, water, and other foreign substances
  • Resistant to scuffing and black heel marks
  • Resistant to organic stains and oil
  • Improves slip-resistance on polished surfaces
  • Ready-to-use with no dilution or mixing needed
  • Effective on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Simplifies maintenance cleaning


Interior Masonry Dustproofer

Cleaning and maintaining the interior of a building poses many challenges but Prosoco has manufactured a number of products to overcome many of them. One such product is the Interior Masonry Dustproofer that prevents further dusting of interior masonry surfaces. It is an environmentally safe, ready-to-use waterborne silicone emulsion that can be used on brick, natural stone, mortar, and other porous services. It’s highly effective at sealing in dust as well as preventing further dusting and it can control mildew and moisture-related stains too. The product dries to a clear matte finish and is resistant to adverse weather conditions.


  • Seals in dust and prevents further dusting
  • Water-repellant
  • Resistant to blushing
  • Controls mildew and other moisture-related stains
  • Retains the substrate’s natural breathing properties
  • Easy to apply

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