The importance of maintaining your concrete floors, whether new or old, professional or personal, requires a strong selection of ingredients. Concrete can be an ideal choice of surface in a domestic or professional setting. Whether it’s polished concrete, lightweight, high density, reinforced, or glass-reinforced concrete, maintaining a solid concrete flooring system is about the right products to reinforce its durability and aesthetic prowess.

Prosoco Consolideck products are some of the leading providers of concrete flooring systems to help you get more out of your concrete surfaces. Whether you need oil and water repellents, dust proofing, hardening, or densifying the surface, or you are just trying to maintain and protect it, the Prosoco Consolideck range is your one-stop-shop for all things concrete. Let’s show you what you need to know about this all-conquering concrete brand and the wide range of Prosoco Consolideck products you can use in a wide manner of applications.


The Importance of Solid Concrete

Concrete is a beneficial material and has been used for centuries in a variety of settings. It has various attributes that make it perfect for structures and buildings on the inside and out. Concrete is a strong material that can withstand compressive and tensile stresses without yielding. Its strength is down to the function of the material components within the concrete mix. When concrete is poorly graded, it becomes apparent in the multitude of stresses it experiences. The stronger the concrete, the more suitable it will be for a wider variety of scenarios.

The workability of concrete is all in its strength. Concrete can last for over 1,000 years and can withstand many adverse conditions. Concrete is able to withstand stress without compromising its structural integrity, whether it’s chemicals, abrasion, or adverse weather. Concrete is a solid structure that is suitable for a wide variety of conditions. Whether it’s part of a construction project or in a domestic or a professional setting like a school, the importance of solid concrete is undeniable. However, ensuring that it is built to last is one thing, but making sure that it can withstand external pressures while also retaining its form, is another thing entirely.

The variety of Prosoco Consolideck products is invaluable to any contractor looking for solid products to add that extra quality to their concrete. Concrete is not just about a strong, stable, and smooth surface. It’s about making it appealing to the eye, and, depending on its environment, making sure it blends in or stands out accordingly. In addition, it needs to withstand various traffic and adverse conditions. The following Prosoco Consolideck products are perfect for any professional or domestic environment. With each type of concrete product, it’s essential to know what you need. Whether you are protecting it, maintaining or cleaning it, ceiling hardening or densifying it, or just adding extra color, here are the variety of Prosoco products we offer and how they are helpful to your needs.


The Importance of Concrete Protection

Concrete is continually exposed to a variety of contaminants and elements. The right concrete sealer is crucial for protecting surfaces caused by stains, oils, deicing salts, and water damage caused by the freeze and thaw cycles. When you’ve installed decorative concrete, it is crucial to invest in an excellent sealer to keep it looking spectacular for many years, while also extending its service. Any surface will begin to show signs of wear and tear after many years of exposure to foot traffic, so you need to restore its original qualities with a high spec variety of products that give your concrete the adequate protection it needs. The products we provide for this specific issue include the following:


Concrete Protector SB

The Concrete Protector SB is a solvent-based, penetrative, and reactive treatment. It provides a variety of repellency for any finished concrete floor, including stains, oil, and water. The product is low odor, making it an ideal choice for interior buildings. It is a great way to help treated surfaces retain their breathability, and can be used on any cured concrete, and with a VOC content of less than 100 g/L, it is an enviromentally friendly option.


Concrete Protector WB

Unlike the SB, the concrete protector WB is a water-based repellent, rather than solvent-based. This is for domestic use only and allows treated surfaces to retain its natural color and breathability. This has the added benefit of working on lithium silicate hardened and densified floors while also being useful for all manner of concretes and is a long-lasting polymeric material that can be used in a variety of applications inside and outside.


244 Salt Screen Additive

Protecting the surface concrete against all elements is not easy. If you are working out in the elements and are using de-icer salts, this chloride can have a detrimental effect on concrete. De-icing salts are commonly used in cold climates, which means if you are looking to provide long-lasting protection against water-carried salts, this 244 Salt Screen Additive is an easy-to-use, low-load water-based formula that is suitable for new “green” concrete and offers instant protection after one application.


Maintenance and Cleaning Your Concrete

After protecting your surface, the most important thing to consider is how you look after it. The importance of keeping your concrete clean cannot be underestimated. While concrete is a durable and long-lasting product requiring minimal maintenance, if you want to extend the concrete’s shelf life, this can be done through a variety of products. Whether it’s decorative concrete in a domestic setting or commercial concrete, the importance of making it look fresh and clean rather than oil-stained, faded, and dirty is vital. We provide the following products to help:



Designed for unique surface chemistry concrete floors, this product is recognized by the EPA Safer Choice Program and removes the vast majority of common soiling from concrete floors without impacting the concrete’s overall shine. It is an ideal choice for auto scrubbers. In addition, it is one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market, as it contains no phosphates, solvents, and harmful surfactants.


DailyKlean ULTRA 15

A popular product concentrated for 15-gallon auto scrubber tanks, this is also recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice Program and is also readily biodegradable. Its low toxicity means there is no rinsing needed. This product removes the most common soiling on concrete floors with a unique blend of detergents and degreasers.


DailyKlean ULTRA 30

Similar to the ULTRA 15, however, this product is concentrated for 30-gallon auto scrubber tanks. It is fragrance-free, without any phosphates or harmful surfactants, and is a practical choice for automatic floor scrubbers with a higher density.



This maintenance cleaner has a special blend that is designed for concrete floors that have been treated with lithium silicate hardening and densifying products. Ideal for removing common soiling on concrete floors, it has been used in a variety of settings, professional and personal. This is a flexible dilution, and as it comes in a convenient package, it makes short work of maintaining concrete floor shine and hardness. Ideal for people on-site needing to work fast and efficiently.


LSKlean ULTRA 15

Apart from the specifications as the item above, the LSKlean ULTRA 15 has been measured for 15-gallon auto scrubber tanks. This doesn’t require rinsing, and for the environmentally conscious, it contains US EPA DfE (Designed for the Environment) conformant CleanGredients® listed surfactants.


Using Sealants, Hardeners, and Densifiers

Improving the performance of your concrete is about three crucial tools: sealants, hardeners, and densifiers. With these three workings together, you can improve the durability and appearance of any concrete for years to come. Picking the right products depends on the concrete’s durability.



This is one of the most popular concrete flooring sealer, hardener, and densifier packages out there. Using this product on treated surfaces resists damage from water and any surface abrasion. What’s more, the increased surface hardness reduces dusting, making for a cleaner surface. The mixture gets to work quickly. After being applied to any broom-finished, steel-troweled, power-troweled, or burnished concrete finishes, it is possible to reopen the floor to traffic within one hour of application.



This reactive silicate hardener and densifier is also combined with a dust proofer for great results. In comparison to traditional hardeners, it does not need to be flashed or scrubbed. The easy-to-use product can be applied quickly with a spray and can be spread out with a microfiber pad. It is effective on any aged floor and can dust-proof freshly trowelled “green” concrete. With its non-flammable and low-load properties, it is an ideal choice in professional environments. The products are ideal in school environments due to its quick application and conforms to California Collaborative for High Performance School Indoor Air Quality standards.


Blended Densifier

A Blended Densifier is used on steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors and reacts quickly with the concrete. It is designed to harden and densify surfaces quickly, and as soon as the product dries and cures, the floor can be reopened to traffic. Easy-to-use, with a one-step application, which requires no scrubbing or flashing, it is non-flammable, low odor, non-toxic, and VOC compliant, making it ideal for professional environments.



This product is for use on exterior concrete flat work. For environments that experience many spills throughout the course of a day, such as cafeterias or manufacturing environments, this product stops any accidental spills of petroleum-based products or food from penetrating the surface. The product is easy to apply, water-based, and does not discolor. It also works with the Consolideck ColorHard product to add extra depth to colored concrete. It works perfectly on steel-troweled, broomed, or stamped concrete, and is ideal for any concrete that has been color hardened, chemically stained, or comes in a standard (and dull) grey color.



A perfect choice for protecting and enhancing the color intensities of color-stained and integral colored concretes. Ideal in professional environments has been tested and conforms to California Collaborative for High Performance School Indoor Air Quality standards. A durable and quick-acting protective treatment eliminates the need for any polish, waxes, or resin-based coatings, making it a great choice in any environment with a lot of foot traffic. It provides a high gloss finish that is evident in how it reflects the light. Suitable in any professional environment where you need to get that extra level of shine in your concrete.



During the concrete grinding and polishing process, it is essential to have a product that works with the concrete to fill pinholes and cracks. Using this treatment means you can get to work quickly. Grind-N-Fill works with the dust to bind quickly, and will make your surfaces ready for any protective treatments, hardeners or densifiers, and color treatments.


First Cut

The grinding process is integral to a solid surface. This product works by lifting concrete slurry solids away from the surface and suspending them, allowing the pass for diamond tooling. As this puts the diamonds in closer contact with the concrete surface, it is an ideal option in professional environments. It dramatically reduces the costs of labor and tooling and is compatible with a wide variety of concrete floors, working to minimize scratches created during the diamond tooling process. It works with floors that can be treated with Consolideck densifiers, dyes, and protective treatments. It is a great choice during the grinding process for those looking for a smoother and more level concrete surface.


Coloring and Staining Your Concrete Floors

Concrete is a durable and robust material, but in professional environments, a dull, grey-looking concrete surface is unlikely to inspire. Colored concrete is a beautiful way to provide depth of tone in any environment, but it is also a great way to cover a multitude of sins! While coloring and staining concrete results in a more aesthetically pleasing surface, it is a beautiful way to disguise stains, oil marks, and any salts that have worn away at the surface. But coloring concrete is not just a way to add a richer tone to a concrete surface, another critical advantage of using color concrete is that it makes the concrete and more stain-resistant and durable. In larger and widely used areas, this is an added bonus. Staining and coloring concrete means that you can mimic a wide variety of textures and colors of natural materials while, at the same time, keeping the maintenance costs lower. Here are some of the products we provide to make a considerable impact in an aesthetic sense:


GemTone Stain

This is perfect for interior concrete floors. If your concrete floor is dull and grey, the GemTone Stain easily adds depth and color to any diamond polished concrete. It adds a wonderful gem-like color on any old concrete floor, and is VOC compliant, non-toxic, and non-flammable, making it a perfect choice for busy public spaces. As it does not peel or flake, it results in a long-lasting, durable finish. It is low-maintenance and ideal for turning any concrete surface into something more.



Perfect for individuals looking for or a ready-to-mix color and hardener. This one-step product is for use in exterior and interior concrete floors. It hardens and densifies horizontal concrete quickly while providing a vibrant color. This product comes in a variety of colors, including Caribbean Blue, and is VOC compliant, and contains no harmful acids. It works to reduce hazards and waste associated with any solvent-reduced dyes. A perfect choice to turn your flooring into a piece of art. Its ability to color and densify at the same time makes it a quick and effortless method. It works with the Consolideck LS and LS/CS products to create a higher quality surface, replete with color and durability.


Integral Color for Overlays

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this is a water-based formulation that comes in various colors, including grey and natural beige that adds an extra quality and attractiveness to polishable overlays. The colors for overlays are fully compatible with every Prosoco product. A perfect choice to add sheen, color, as well as dustproof, and improve stain protection of any polishable overlays. The importance of adding integral overlays at the time of placement or as a dye, its self-leveling topping simulates polished concrete after the grinding and polishing process. If a floor has been damaged beyond repair, a glossy concrete overlay can provide an invaluable extra layer of color and style in any concrete floor.


The range of Prosoco Consolideck products is here to aid improvements, precautions, and protections to all your concrete surfaces. Maintaining, protecting, cleaning, coloring, and staining are all integral practices to improving the overall durability of your concrete surfaces. Concrete has long been an essential material, and is used in every environment in everyday life, whether it’s professional or domestic. The importance of durability is something we cannot underestimate, which concrete has in abundance. But while concrete is a strong material all by itself, it is vital to have an array of helpful products that can keep it strong and stable, but also stylish at the same time.