Diedrich Chemicals Salt-Bloc


Diedrich Salt-Bloc is an all-purpose, deeply penetrating siloxane water repellent and chloride barrier for concrete and pavers. Blocks the absorption of chloride ions from de-icing salts into concrete, brick and concrete paver sidewalks and driveways. Protects against the intrusion of moisture causing efflorescence, leaching, mildew, atmospheric staining, and freeze/thaw spalling. Protects against chemical attack of chloride salts to reduce rebar and wire mesh corrosions. Salt-Bloc is resistant to the detrimental effects of acid rain and carbon buildups. Ideal for use on horizontal surfaces, and may also be used on retaining walls, bridge pilings and other vertical concrete applications. Salt-Bloc protects against deep-seated stains caused by mud splashes and other waterborne contaminants. It is highly effective in coastal areas in protecting surfaces from airborne salts.

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