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AC-20 FTR Tru-White Quart Tubes

AC-20®FTR fire-rated systems are suitable for applications in schools, hospitals, churches, high-rise office buildings and hotels, prisons, sports arenas, and other public-use buildings to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation in the event of a fire.

AC-20®FTR is a unique acrylic latex sealant that is UL®Classified in firestopping systems for expansion joints and through penetrations. When properly installed, these systems effectively contain fire, smoke, toxic fumes, and water within a given area surrounded by firewalls for a two, three, or four hour period, depending on the design specifications. Other Uses:Excellent adhesive, flexibility and durability qualities make AC-20®FTR ideal for insulating and weatherproofing around windows, doors, panels, siding, duct work, base plates, etc. It is compatible with all common building materials including specialties such as polystyrene, polyurethane, cork, vinyl (not for use on cpvc), foamed and fibrous glass. Used as an acoustical sealant, AC-20®FTR reduces sound transmission in partition systems to maintain specific STC values by sealing spaces around cut-outs and at perimeters of partitions. The sealant cures to a tough rubber to form a long-lasting acoustical seal.

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